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Car Repairs in Derby

Your leading independent garage in Derby providing a wide range of car repairs

Whether as a result of a failed MOT or as a result of unforeseen circumstances we are able to conduct a host of repair work on your vehicle, covering both mechanical and cosmetic work.

Mechanical Repairs

At Cathedral Autocentre our workshop is fully equipped to deal with all repairs from mechanical to bodywork and resprays. We have the experience and knowledge to conduct repair work in the most efficient and comprehensive manner, allowing us to provide competitive quotes.

Over the years we have undertaken just about any type of repair you can imagine, some of the more frequent repair work we conduct includes:

MOT Repairs: If your vehicle fails it’s MOT we can diagnose and repair the necessary issues to get your vehicle through its retest.

Brakes: One of the most important components of your car are the brakes. If you are experiencing any issues with your brakes you must get them seen to as soon as possible.

Symptoms: grinding noises, a spongy feeling pedal, grinding sounds or the handbrake raising higher than normal.

Clutch: Responsible for the smooth transition of gears your clutch is an integral part of your vehicle. The clutch is split into four parts: a clutch plate, pressure plate, release bearing and the hydraulics. Each component works in tandem to allow the shifting of gears and each component needs to be kept in good working order.

Symptoms: Excessive revving with minimal acceleration, a low bite point on the clutch pedal, the clutch pedal becoming difficult to press.

Cambelt: The timing belt is responsible for keeping many of the moving components of the engine synchronized. It is imperative that it is replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications as a snapped timing belt can cause expensive and severe damage to the engine.

Symptoms: Damage associated with cambelts is often sudden and unexpected with little forewarning, this is why manufacturers advise on recommended changing intervals. When it comes to cambelts regular servicing offers a preventative measure that is far more preferable than repairs.

Exhaust: Covering the whole range of the system, exhausts are responsible for filtering and removing harmful gas created by your vehicle. Providing repairs and replacements to the catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter and flexi pipe repairs. We are confident in diagnosing and providing repairs across the entire system.

Symptoms: Smoke coming from the exhaust, rattling noises along the exhaust system, excessive engine noise, a burning or gaseous smell, a noticeable decrease in acceleration.

Suspension: Responsible for a smooth ride and good handling, poor suspension can make for an uncomfortable driving experience. If allowed to continue degrading, poor suspension can lead to increased stopping distances and an increased or uneven tyre wear.

Symptoms: Worn tyres, tyre shaking, excessive vibration, a sunken chassis, body sway when driving in strong winds, nose dive when braking, fluid leaking from the strut.

Mechanic undergoing Car Repairs Derby

This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you have concerns that aren’t addressed here then please contact us on 01332 345138 or complete our contact form to discuss the issues you’ve been experiencing.

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